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How to download GST certificate Online: Easy Step✅

GST registration certificate

The people whose business turnover is on and above Rs. 20 lakh, needs to register for GST. Some special businesses also need to register GST. Every taxpayer will be issued with a GST registration certificate in form GST REG-06. As a registered taxpayer, you need to download the GST certificate from the GST portal. This registration certificate is only available on the GST portal because the Government will not issue any physical certificate.

When your GST application will be done, you will get approval from the GST department and there it will be stated that your application is approved. Follow the quick guide from the below article and know how to download the online GSTR certificate of registration from the portal. You can download and print your GST certificate from the portal at any time.

If you are a new user, then you need to log in by following the below steps. When your GST will be approved you will get GST login details and GST number details for login.

  • After completing the registration process, you will receive another mail in your registered mail id where the username, password, and GSTN will be included.
  • If you are a new taxpayer then you can visit the online GST portal and hit the button ‘First-time login’. This button is for only those who are new users.

After login, you can download your GST certificate by below-mentioned process

Download GST registration certificate with step by step procedure

how-to-download-gst-certificate-onlineWithout login, you will not be able to download the GST registration certificate on the GST portal. At first, you need to login to the GST portal and download the GST certificate. For downloading the GST certificate, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Visit the site www.gst.gov.in and then enter all your login credential assessment on the right side of the page.
  2. After logging in there, you will see a dashboard where you need to click on services and then use services.
  3. In the user services, you will see an option ‘ view download certificate’ and select that.
  4. Here you will see a table with form number, form description, and date of issue. After that click on the download button.
  5. The file will be downloaded in your system.

What does a GST certificate include

Registration number: The registration number which is given to the taxpayers is known as GSTIN. It will be a 15 digit number where the first two digits will be state code and the next 10 digits will be Permanent Account Number and the 13th digit will be the Entity number of state PAN holders.

Legal name: In the first row, the legal name of the business holder will be written.

Trade name: After giving the legal name of the business holder, the next row will require the trade name of any.

Constitution of business: After the trade name, the next row will require business type because there are different types of business such as sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.

Date of liability: The date of liability means the date when the taxpayer becomes liable to registration.

Period of validity: It will show the period of validity and it will be included with the start date and end date of GST registration certificate validity.

Types of registration: Here you need to give details of your taxpayer type.

Signature: At last, the signature row will be there where the taxpayer needs to do his/her signature.

At the end of the certificate, the details of the approving officer will be mentioned. These details will include the name, designation, Jurisdiction office, date of issue of the certificate.

How to check GST registration status

After applying for GST registration certificate, you will receive an application reference number. A GST registration normally takes 15 days for processing and you can check the GST registration statue online from the GST portal. Here is a guide on how the check GST application status or GST registration status.

  • Go to GST portal
  • Click on ‘services’ then ‘registration’ and after that click ‘track application status’.
  • When submitting the GST registration application, you should enter ARN received by you and enter the Captcha code and click on the search.
  • You may see their following statuses such as:
  1. Provisional: This status means your application is not filled yet but the provisional ID is already issued.
  2. Pending for verification: It means the application is successfully filled but verification is not done till now.
  3. Validation against error: It means you need to resubmit the form because the PAN details provided by you do not match with the details provided by the IT department.
  4. Migrated: It means the application for migration of GST is successful.
  5. Canceled: If the registration is canceled then it will show notification ‘canceled’.

These are all about downloading your GST certificate and checking the status of your application. Follow the article and get done for downloading your GST certificate soon.

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